Farm Originals - Goorin Bros

Farm Originals - Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros introduces all new animals to their animal Farm Originals trucker hat collection. With tigers, sheep, eagles, and more, Goorin Bros exemplifies fashion and imagery as means of self-expression. These products boast breathable materials, cotton sweatbands and 6 high quality mesh panels and feature animal patchwork embroidered on the front. Show your inner animal with Goorin Bros.

Goorin Bros is a hat company passed down from generation to generation since 1895 by the original founder, Cassel Goorin. Being one of the most established family owned hat companies in America, Goorin Bros has through time proven true mastery in the art of hat making.

Known more for their classic silhouettes, Goorin Bros revives timeless styles by bringing them back to the future and adding modern touches. Always made with premium fabrics, these hats are sophisticated and give that luxurious edge. At Goorin Bros, their wish is to not only unite the bold, but to create a community of bold hat wearers. These are hats not made for the ordinary but for those who welcome change and seek to elevate their own personal style. Four generations later, Goorin Bros still continues their legacy of creating not only exquisite hats but hats that truly stand the test of time.

Some of the hat categories at Goorin Bros include fedoras, cloche & floppy, flatcaps, straws, baseball caps, knits & troopers, etc.

Their most iconic styles include the beret, the Greek fisherman, the Gatsby, the short brim fedora, the bucket, and the 6 panel duckbill ivy.

They also make elevated fashion mesh trucker caps with stitched animal designs, hat bags, face masks, and various other accessories.

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